Making Blocks is a podcast about Apple, parenting in the world of technology, the life of software developers, and overall tinkering. Hosted by TJ Barber and Shane Cowherd.

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Episode 33: Pulling a Fast One and Building Apps... Kind of.

Shane and TJ discuss the future of automation on iOS. Shortcuts and App Clips create an alternative to traditional app development. Picks of the Week: TJ - Apple Deve...

Episode 32: We Now Have A/C!

TJ and Shane discuss Shane's new puppy, his air conditioning situation and preferred temperature, and how we wish we had Xcode on the iPad.

Episode 31: Jenni and TJ had a baby!

Shane and TJ discuss the stigma of using your phone vs reading a book and the incredible SpaceX launch. Picks of the Week TJ - Love to Dream Swaddle

Episode 30: Hammock Podcasting

Episode 30 Hammock Podcasting Shane and TJ discuss online tech support scammers and their tricks. Stereo Lavalier Microphone Kitboga - Scamb...

Episode 29: It's Just Laziness

Shane and TJ discuss Shane's broken microphone and new haircut, why TJ hates social networks, email, conferences, and more!

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